OMP M1 BNF Helicopter (SFHSS Version) - Yellow

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  • M1 is a high-quality product created by the OMPHOBBY R & D team for helicopter enthusiasts. Its compact size is suitable for indoor flexible flight and outdoor violent flight.
  • Six Core Advantages:
    • Adjustable Flight Controller 
      • Gyro Sensitivity: 9 levels for elevator and aileron
      • Rate: 9 levels for elevator, aileron and orientation
      • Gain: 9 levels for elevator, aileron and orientation
      • Servo mid-point position / collective

    • Dual Brushless Direct Drive.
    • High-performance 3d Flight.
    • High precision.
    • Low noise.
    • Easily maintained.
  • Flight controller allows for adjustments of parameters to meet the needs of different flying styles. Improved ESCs with low resistance MOSFET pushes fight limit to a new level.
  • Superior Craftsmanship: High strength nylon landing gear, inverted water drop shape tailpipe, Two bearings used for rotor blade, directly connected rear carbon fiber fin with tail motor mount, Integrated (one-piece)CNC servo mount. 3 servos 120°evenly distributed/surrounded for balance, strength, and easy maintenance. Inherited from the design style of OMPHOBBY rotor blades provide precise lift control at low RPM.
  • The dual ESC’s are improved using high-quality MOSFET’s with lower internal resistance, enhancing the flight characteristics even further. The built-in official receiver supports S-BUS and DSM / DSMX satellites.

Technical specifications:

  • Main motor: brushless
  • Rear motor: brushless
  • Main rotor diameter: 290 mm
  • Tail rotor diameter: 46.5 mm
  • Weight: approx. 118 g
  • Size: approx. 290mm * 88mm
  • Battery: 2S 350 mAh Lipo
  • Flight time: 5 - 8 min.
  • Servo: digital servo with metal gear
  • Receiver: integrated receiver, S-BUS and DSMX prepared

Click here to download flight controller manual.


BNF Package Include:

  • Helicopter x1
  • EEP Box x1
  • Screwdriver x1
  • Charger Cable x1
  • Servo Horns x3
  • Several Spare Screws
  • Wrench x1
  • Battery x1 (Installed in helicopter)


The M1 is offered in two versions: OMP and SFHSS. The differences are outlined below:

  • OMP: This version includes a built in receiver that is "OMP Protocol", and works with any OpenTX radio like Radiomaster TX16 or Jumper T16/T18 without external receiver.  All you need is update the OMP firmware on your radio.

Then follow the Set up on OpenTX - Radiomaster TX16s video above to set up your helicopter.

If you have Spektrum Transmitter, you will need to use the DSM2 or DSMX satellite.  You will have to bind the DSMX with your Spektrum radio before you put it on the helicopter.  If you have any DSMX satellite with bind button on it, you can connect it directly to the helicopter and process the binding with your Spektrum radio by holding the binding button on the satellite while plug the battery on your helicopter.

  • SFHSS: This version includes a built in receiver that supports "SFHSS" Futaba style protocol. It is directly compatible with Futaba radios that output S-FHSS protocol, and radio master radios. If you have Futaba radio, you need to check if your radio support the SFHSS protocol. If it has SFHSS protocol on your radio, then you need to get the external SFHSS receiver. UNLIKE the OMP version, the SFHSS version allows pilots the ability to adjust their throttle and pitch curves - and ideal choice for the intermediate to advanced pilot. Same as the OMP version, pilot is required to have an addition spektrum DMS2 or DSMX satellite receiver if use with a Spektrum radio.

RC model helicopters are not toys. These products are intended for use only by operation experienced users or adults with assembly, setup, commissioning, flying at a legal and approved flying field/area. This product is not suitable for children or those who have no experience in remote control helicopters. Inexperienced users must purchase/operate under professional guidance.
RC helicopters require a certain degree of skills to operate and maintain, and is a consumer item. Improper use of this product can result in serious injury or even death. Improper care and knowledge when repairing or disassembling this product can cause further failure of the product in different situations.  Any damage or dissatisfaction as a result of accidents, repairs, or modifications are not covered by any warranty and cannot be returned for further repair or replacement. As OMPHOBBY (Zhuhai Edge Smart Technology Co., Ltd), its commercial partner, agent, and distributor is not responsible for over using, improper setup and assembly, abnormal loss of spare parts, modification or misuse. 
Inexperienced users shall not operate this product, without direct assistance and guidance from an experienced RC helicopter pilot. Meanwhile, the user must operate in legal remote control model flying field, pay attention to the personal safety of himself and others, and strictly abide by relevant national and local laws and regulations.

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