ToolkitRC M6DAC AC/DC Dual Channel Smart Charger

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A new charger from ToolkIt RC, the M6D AC now comes with built in 700W AC power supply. Great for portable field charging or at home on the work bench. Dual ports for speedy charging when you need to get flying!


Input voltage: DC 7.0-28.0V  @MAX 30A
                       AC 100-240V @ MAX 2.5A
Type of battery: Lipo  LiHV  LiFe Lion@1-6S
                          NiMh @1-16S   Pb @1-10S
Balance current: 1000mA @2-6S
Balance accuracy: <0.005V
Charger power: 0.1-15A @350W *2  (Asynchronous mode)
                          0.1-25A @700W  (Synchronous mode)
Discharge power: 350W  @MAX 15A *2(Recycle mode)
                             15W@3A *2 (Normal mode)
USBC power: MAX 65W 3.25A @20.0V  or Upgraded
Battery voltage: 1.0V-5.0V@1-6S
Internal resistance: 1-100mR@1-6S
Product size: 127*106*57 mm
Product weight: 520g
Pack size: 158*134*63 mm
Pack weight: 700g
LCD: IPS  3.5 inch LCD 480*320 Pixel

Packaging included:

1 x ToolkitRC M6DAC Charger

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